Our new building. More space, more steel, more service.

Take a look here regularly to see how our new hall construction at Stahl Krebs in Solingen is progressing - have fun!


Thinking holistically. Act individually.

As a trading and service company, we have been providing our customers with supplies since 1882. Many of them come from the the cutlery industry or are manufacturers of surgical instruments.

In addition, our core industries include die-forging and the automotive sector. Competence in steel and the best quality distinguish us.

Competence & quality

Steel thought further.

At our location in Solingen, we maintain a warehouse program with approx. 13,000 tons of stainless steels as well as quality and high-grade structural and tool steels. A special feature are martensitic, stainless steel grades, which we stock as long and flat products in a large variety of dimensions.

As an established steel trader, we aim to provide our sophisticated customers with valuable high-quality products.
As a modern service provider, we offer innovative services for warehousing, processing and logistics as well as material and application consulting – Welcome to Stahl Krebs.

Mission & Approach

Future in Steel. Since 1882.

Understand customers, live values, moving things forward together – Stahl Krebs offers the best steel quality and wants to inspire with new ideas again and again. As an important supplier of many key industries, we see ourselves as a high-performance supplier for demanding industries and markets.

our steel. YOUR BUSINESS.

Our guiding principle is both ambition and the performance promise: Living and breathing our fascination for high-quality steels and the quest for qualitative market leadership creates tangible added value for customers, suppliers and partners – at all levels of the modern steel trade.


Mission & Approach

We create safety. With competence and passion.

In our day-to-day business, we convince our business partners with high technical competence, passion and commitment. Safety and reliability are important values. Especially when individual solutions are required, you can measure us for both – always!


Be ready. Be flexible. Be better.

Stahl Krebs places great importance on trust and personal connections. With experience, competence and innovative strength we implement first-class steel products and services to meet the highest customer requirements. Every day we ask ourselves what we can do better. We work in teams, develop ideas and have the courage to try new things.


Prepared for the future. From the beginning.

Five generations, one city: As a pioneer of steel trade in the area of the Bergisches Stätdtedreieck, Stahl Krebs first supplied the local cutlery industry in its founding years. Over the years, the portfolio has been expanded to include die-forging, manufacturers of hand tools as well as surgical instruments and automotive. Our tradition and location continue to shape us to this day.


Discover the milestones of Stahl Krebs.

quality & sustainability

Act better. Economical and ecological.

Did you know that steel as a resource is 100% recyclable? Perhaps that is why the conservation of natural resources is particularly important to us. This is how the livelihoods of coming generations is preserved. As a house of trade for quality steels, we are particularly aware of this responsibility.

We are certified according to the quality management system - ISO 9001:2015 in the area of ​​quality and stainless steel trade including processing.

Quality management system - ISO 9001:2015 - certificate

Quality & sustainability

Act sustainable. In business and for society.

We think forward, move forward and take responsibility. In this respect, we always want to create solutions that are ecologically, economically and socially conducive.

We act ambitiously: we also select our suppliers from an ecological point of view. We want to drive the business of our customers and our social coexistence through sustainable solutions.


Experienced in the matter. Safe in implementation.

As a family business, trust is important to us. In addition to professional qualifications, the Stahl Krebs team therefore places great importance on openness, communication skills and a partnership between all employees. With a positive attitude and a well-founded methodological way of working, we create the best conditions for the company success of our customers.

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Daniel Krebs

Managing Director

Andre Christians

Management Assistant

Stainless steels

Andreas Horn

Director Stainless Steel | Authorised Officer

Nicole Breyer

Sales Stainless Steel

Chantal Gergenji

Sales Stainless Steel

Jannik Horschig

Sales Stainless Steel

Guido Jacobi

Sales Stainless Steel

Michael Janek

Sales Stainless Steel

Nicole Heinen

Sales Stainless Steel

Jens Ramaker

Sales Stainless Steel

Marc Röttgen

External Sales Stainless Steel

Quality-, high-grade structural- and tool steel

Jens Owe Asmussen

Director quality-, high-grade structural- and tool steel

Marc Kaldasch

Sales quality-, high-grade structural- and tool steel

Janine Matthies

Sales quality-, high-grade structural- and tool steel

Heike Schreiner

Sales quality-, high-grade structural- and tool steel

Bernd Wolbers

Head of Logistics & Distribution

Technical Customer Service


Robert Mosdzien

Head of Warehouse


Steel is a matter of the heart for us.

Also because of that, the team in the Stahl Krebs warehouse is competent and always there for you. Safety and reliability are important values you can count on.

Logistics & Distribution

Communication & HR

Isabella Herzig

Head of Human Ressources Development and Communications


Claudia Kann

Head of Accounting

With steel into the future.

Our team at the Solingen site consists of around 55 employees. We work every day to improve things by thinking far beyond steel. Together, we ensure that our products keep what the name Stahl Krebs promises.

Develop your potential with us: Whether you are an apprentice, a trainee, a graduate or an ambitious lateral entrant – with us, a world full of possibilities awaits you for every stage of your career.


In addition to current vacancies, we are always on the lookout for engineers and commercial talents who want to bring their skills to bear and achieve goals together.
We look forward to receiving your unsolicited application:


Steel & art

The art of steel The gaze of an artist.

Together with a famous artist from Solingen, painter Andre Peer, in 2012 we realized  the idea to look at steel through the eyes of a painter. Since then, a new motif has been created every year that presents steel from an unusual perspective - as a hand-signed, limited-edition art print.

The series stands for the dialogue, exchange and partnership that we live every day in the steel business. In a figurative sense, the motifs describe our common language with our customers and service partners - and show the fascination that this material exerts on us all.